What Supplements Do Dads Need?


supplements dads needIn celebration of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, we thought it would be good to look at the supplements a dad (or any guy) needs to maintain optimum health – even when his diet, sleep and activity aren’t always perfect.

Men of dad age – somewhere between 20-65 – should consider what we call the “big three” – vitamin D, vitamin C and omega-3s. Let’s look at how these supplements affect dad health.

Dads health demands more vitamin D. 

While vitamin D is great for helping dad prevent and/or repair bone loss and absorbing calcium (great for bones and weight), it’s got a greater purpose.

Vitamin D can help dads live longer and have a greater chance of a quality granddad life. Dr. Andrew Weil, founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, says that men should get between 1,000 to 2,000 IU of Vitamin D each day.

One reason for the greater than recommended dose is that men don’t get as much sun as they did in generations past. Now that most men make their livings indoors, it’s harder to get that D requirement, especially in less-than-sunny climates, Harvey B. Simon, M.D. suggests in his “Man-to-Man” review of vitamin D’s importance.

Other D benefits:

  • Prostate health – Vitamin D helps prevent crazy cell growth, a characterization of cancer, Simon writes.
  • Colon health - A review of several studies shows that vitamin D may be beneficial in reducing your risk of colon cancer.
  • Heart health - When you have lower blood levels of vitamin D, you may be at risk for increased calcium deposits. These point to higher risk of stroke, heart failure and other coronary conditions.

Dads see the benefits of liposomal vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and especially important in men’s health for a number of reasons. It’s benefits go well beyond the typical immunity booster (to reduce cold longevity and occurrence). Getting enough vitamin C (1,000 mg/day is the recommended dose for optimum health) gives you protection against heart disease, stroke, cancer, cataracts and diabetes.

Vitamin C dosage is as important as the delivery method for dads. Ascorbic acid is not well tolerated by the intestinal tract, and this leads to poor absorption. That’s where liposomal vitamin C comes in. The liposome encapsulated liquid C passes through cell walls and the digestive barrier straight into the cells because of its structure.

Learn more about the benefits of liposomal C here.

The Omega-3s help you stay a super dad. 

There’s a reason the Vikings (and their neighbors were so mighty.) They ate a ton of fish. A recent article in Men’s Health shows that the men of Iceland have impeccable health due to a lot of fat – fishy fat.

Fish fat is loaded with Omega-3s fatty acids. These acids help your body form cell membranes and hormones (the masterminds of bodily functions).

When we don’t get enough Omega-3s, we can see more clogged arteries, higher rates of prostate cancer and other health issues.

Men can benefit from a omega-3 rich supplement, especially when their diets don’t contain a lot of fish or vegetable fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil, etc.).

The best men’s Omega-3 supplements contain both the fish-derived and plant-derived fatty acids.

See our recommendations for omega-3 supplements.

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