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Making the Case for Eliminating the Flu with Lypo C

Influenza virus

Image by Sanofi Pasteur via Flickr

In his book Curing the Incurable – Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins, Dr. Thomas Levy explores the theory of “dosing” with Vitamin C to treat viral infections such as influenza and pneumonia. His second chapter gives accounts from (mostly) Frederick R. Kenner, a physician who documented the use of ascorbic acid to treat viral infections in his South Carolina practice in the late 1940s and beyond.

Kenner used an educated guess in treating viral pneumonia when a patient refused to be transported to a hospital for oxygen therapy. In order to help the patient breath better, he decided that Vitamin C may help increase the oxygen delivery in the body. So, he gave the patient 2,000 mg of ascorbic acid. Within half an hour, the patient’s condition had improved. Six hours later, the patient was eating and continuing to improve. Within 36 hours, the patient was on the mend. Kenner continued the therapy for three days.

According to the book, this is just one of many cases where pneumonia was treated with high doses of Vitamin C and healing occurred within a few days. The doses were delivered either intravenously or through an injection. Another note that relates to the flu virus is that in several cases the viral pneumonia was a result of an existing flu infection. Imagine the impact early Vitamin C treatment could have made for these patients.

Today, it’s not necessary to receive intravenous ascorbic acid or a shot to get the same results Keller did in potentially eliminating or preventing the flu virus. Lypospheric C allows patients to experience the benefits of high doses of Vitamin C without the needles. Because the abscorbic acid is suspended in liposomes (bubbles), it allows you to realize the benefits of the high level dose without the gastric discomfort often associated with oral Vitamin C therapy.

The dosing depends on catching the virus symptoms early to be most effective. The recommended dose for fighting the sometimes life-threatening influenza virus is 1 gram or more per hour at the onset of symptoms. Coupling this treatment with rest and extra fluids gives you a much higher chance in avoiding the flu and its resulting infections (sinus infection or even pneumonia). You should always consult a doctor if your symptoms worsen or your fever reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

We recommend the Liv On Labs brand of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C as the source of Vitamin C used in your flu treatment plan. Visit our store now to stock up before the flu season settles in.

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