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free shippingThe year is ending and we’re gearing up with our most popular product – Lypo Spheric Vitamin C + GSH Combo Pack. This dynamic duo is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly, this duo was a match made for your health.

Vitamin C and Glutathione (GSH) bring out the best in each other kind of like dear old Grandma and Grandpa. Their strength is in the intimate bond of protecting your brain, heart and arteries, lungs, eyes and liver.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pack a Powerful Immunity Punch This Year with Lypo C + GSH

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Can We Trust Health Supplements?


TrustHealth supplements have been around since the beginning of time. Originally sold by gypsies, peddlers and snake oil salesmen as cures for your ailments, today’s supplements are different. They actually have science to back them up. However, there are some questions that still come up around health supplements. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these questions and ultimately, the decision is yours. We’ve seen first-hand the difference health supplements can make in our own lives.

I’ll start this post off with a quick story about my brother, John. At age 39, John was diagnosed with occlusive cardiovascular disease and had to have stents put in the arteries of his heart in 2000. Just three years later, his arteries began to clog again. Open heart surgery (a double bypass) was the only option for him at this point. Soon after the surgery, John discovered the Linus Pauling Therapy for reversing cardiovascular disease with vitamin C and decided to follow it. He is doing great eight years later. Lypo Spheric Vitamin C changed his life.

After I saw my brother’s results with the Lypo Spheric vitamin C, I began supplementing with it as well. It’s improved my overall health and I’m a true believer. Here are some of the more common questions we asked before we opened our store and began using supplements to improve our health.

Aren’t prescription drugs safer than supplements?

It depends on who you ask. Dr. Linus Pauling, who developed the famous Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, was not a physician, but a world-renowned chemist and researcher. He won four Nobel prizes for his research. He developed the Vitamin C therapy for heart disease because he based it on science. His therapy is more involved than taking large doses of vitamin C, but this super antioxidant is the foundation of his approach. His approach is not a prescription drug, but a supplemental therapy, which you can learn more about in the book How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

So, to answer the question, prescription drugs have their place, as do supplements. We encourage you to do your research and look at the science.

How do you know what’s in a supplement?

While the Federal Drug Administration is not required to “approve” a supplement’s ingredients, the manufacturers are responsible for providing information on what’s in the supplement, how to use it, its side effects, etc.

The FDA requires manufacturers to report adverse effects and gets involved when a product is considered unsafe. There’s a great guide from the FDA on how to make informed decisions about supplements available here.

The best source of information on what’s in a supplement is from the manufacturer. We work with manufacturers on the products we sell in our store and believe this is the best source for information. They are required to ensure safety.

Will supplements cure my health problems?

The answer to this question is that the question is broad. Health problems affect everyone, whether it’s a cold or a lifelong disease like my brother John. Your best move is to become an active member of your health care team. You need to understand what’s happening in your health and what treatment options you have available. Supplements can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Reading, questioning and participating in your healthcare  are the steps to take toward improving or curing your health problems.


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Benefits Of Using Lypo Spheric GSH


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