The Right Supplements for a Dietary Cleanse


dietary and supplement cleanseHave you ever tried a cleanse or detox? Typically, this is a restricted diet with increased fiber, supplements and liquids for a limited time span. The main concerns with a cleanse are making sure you get enough fiber, water and don’t miss essential nutrients.

Also, you do not want to restrict your calories too much because as we saw last week, eliminating protein from your diet can actually cause you to store more body fat – the stuff almost all of us want to see disappear.

But a cleanse can be just the kickstart many dieters need to get the junk out of their diets. If you approach it the right way and add in the right supplements, you can see positive results. So, what do you need to pull off a cleanse without getting cranky or tired? How do you avoid losing muscle mass?

Start with half your body weight in water.

This is the minimum amount of water you should consume every day anyway. You need more if you exercise – usually 8 ounces for every 15 minutes of activity.

Power tip: Fill a pitcher or five water bottles and set a reminder on your phone or computer to check your progress every hour. Add fresh lemon or lime slices. The citrus fruit adds a natural cleansing agent to the world’s most effective toxin remover – H20 (and a little vitamin C).

Add in Omega-3.
green pastures cod liver oil

Fish oil or cod liver oil provides the best source of these essential fatty acids. You can boost your cleanse by eating baked fish at least three times a week and by taking a daily supplement. The difference in fish oil and cod liver oil is that the cod liver oil has enhanced amounts of vitamins A & D.

Take a good multivitamin.

During a cleanse, your diet should include lots of fresh fruits and veggies as well as lean protein sources such as Greek yogurt (great replacement for sour cream), chicken breast, almonds, etc. However, because you are restricting calories, you may be missing essential vitamins and minerals. Be sure to cover the bases with a good multivitamin.

Add in calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium has been shown to facilitate weight loss in clinical studies. In a very recent study, researchers gave subjects orange juice fortified with vitamin D and calcium. The findings of the study showed a significant reduction in visceral adipose tissue (VAT) or body fat.

Adding in these essential nutrients may help you accelerate your cleanse results, especially if you are limiting wheat and dairy products during your cleanse. Boost your bone health and fat loss by adding in a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

Get plenty of fiber, avoid caffeine & avoid alcohol.

Fiber is a key ingredient to a successful cleanse. Be sure you get about 25 to 35 grams of the rough stuff per day, especially during your cleanse period. This roughage will help you flush out toxins and feel full longer.

Caffeine and alcohol are both dehydrating, so be sure to avoid both as much as possible during your cleanse.

Add in probiotics.

Probiotics are those friendly little bacteria that help improve regularity and digestive function. They add a new dimension to a cleanse – a restoration after you’ve flushed the toxins out. Add in a daily probiotic to protect your digestive tract.

Be careful & sensible.

Cleansing is a great way to jump start your weight loss plan, but don’t go overboard. The point is to reduce toxins, appetite and to feel better. Reducing calories too much and relying on a cleanse to drop unwanted pounds quickly can be dangerous to your muscle mass and health. Take care of yourself!

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