Why Vitamin C Will Never Be a Banned Substance


vitamin c sports performanceVitamin C, for all its benefits to the body, is not a “performance enhancer” as are anabolic steroids and stimulants referred to as “doping” in sports competitions.

In this time of Olympic games, athletes are under increased scrutiny due to the level of preparation and fact that these are considered the greatest athletes in the world.

If an athlete is edged out by someone that has used doping to gain an advantage, it’s possible the infraction could never be reversed.

Vitamin C doesn’t make the list of banned substances due to its chemical composure. It’s water soluble and can’t be stored in the body. If vitamin C builds up in the liver, the excess is flushed from the body.

Recent research shows that vitamin C is a natural and essential performance enhancer. If an athlete is not getting enough, their performance may be hindered.

Here’s a little science behind why.

Athletes inhale huge amounts of oxygen when they compete. If they don’t get enough ascorbic acid in their diet, adding a supplement can act as a performance-improving insurance policy.

The C helps not only helps them rebuild their collagen after extreme workouts. It helps with fatigue and muscle repair.

One study suggests that: vitamin C “may reduce the adverse effects of exercise-induced reactive oxygen species including muscle damage, immune dysfunction and fatigue.”

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